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We strive to contribute to the utilization of beneficial processes for clients, humanity and nature. We hope that our invention and innovation will change the earth better.

EZER will investigate and develop the technology for Membrane, Catalyst, and Biofuel. Furthermore, we are to search for new ways that Membrane and Catalyst may be applied to the existing processes.

Particularly in regard to Biofuel, we are currently making an effort to produce biobutanol from biomass. We have already completed the pilot plant construction. We are developing and scaling up into a demo plant of 1.5 MTD, the world’s first bio-butanol production process which contains solid handling, microbial reaction system, membrane separation and sulfuric acid treatment.

Along with fulfilling the above urgent tasks, our capability would not be limited to categories above. We ceaselessly expand our horizon into areas not touched by others before. We explore even the smallest possibilities to pave the way for unprecedented technological innovation. The table below shows that we have accomplished technical innovation in energy efficiency and process improvement.
Patent Name Patent Pending No. Patent No. Patentee
Method of improving in energy efficiency of Benzene Recovery Unit 2007-0122803 10-0894400 LG CHEMICAL
Enthalpy recovery method of Benzene Recovery Unit 2008-0019807 10-1171986 EZER et al.
Method for preparing isobutene and 1-butene and device therefor 2011-007803 10-1291651 EZER et al.
Energy Saving Method for preparing aromatic compound 2011-0125125 10-1373662 EZER
Device of refining feed comprising a low boiling component, a middle boiling component and a high boiling component and refinement method using the same 2014-0025836 10-1515816 EZER
Purification device for Naphtha and purification method for Naphtha using the same 2015-0034605   EZER