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  Flare Analysis
  Energy Saving
EZER can help the clients to produce the products in regulatory requirements for flare system.

Below content is to introduce the project according to flare system.
Environment around Safety
  • More severe basis for safety analysis and demand for rigorous calculation because of awareness of problem caused by short-cut calculation in the past
  • Difficulty from flare modification when capacity of revamping plant was upgraded
  • Demand from government and client about acquiring flare load calculation basis
  • Need for safety load re-calculation emerged by feed composition change, small modification, utility change by energy saving
Study Approaches
  • Steady state simulation for rigorous calculation (conventional method) in terms of normal and abnormal conditions
  • Reanalyze the whole plant data (PFD, Equipment & Instrument DS, P&ID, Utility System and others)
  • Supply and instruct specifically suitable basis on flare analysis to client
  • Program customization for DYNAMIC SIMULATION based on the consideration of limitation in simulators
  • SIS application based on the consideration of safety and economic feasibility
In order to solve the problems and to meet the client's needs, EZER performed the following works as below
  • Setting scale-up parameters through operation data gathering of the pliot plant
  • Scaling up and scheduling multiple batch process into stable continuous process
  • Selecting Material resistant to Sulfuric acid
  • Changing optimum operating condition through the simulation model for energy saving
  • Rearrangement of HX with pinch study and simulation modeling for energy saving
Relevant projects
The following list summarizes the major projects to be applied to flare analysis
Project Name Plant Description Work Scope Client Country Completed
Flare Analysis for C5 Separation Project Isoprene Flare Load Analysis & SIS application BE YNCC
Orange (Polysilicon)Flare Load Analysis Project Polysilicon SIS Application BE Hanwha Chemical Korea 2012.10
 NCC Flare Load Analysis NCC/BTX Dynamic Simulation & SIS Application 3,688 T/hr to 1,175 T/hr BE HPC
 C4 Plant Dynamic Simulation
 Flare Load Calculation
BD Dynamic Simulation & SIS Application 139.2 T/hr to 42.3 T/hr BE STC
 Flare system Analysis Ethylene Plant Revamping Project NCC/BTX Dynamic Simulation & SIS Application 2,396 T/hr to 901 T/hr BE YNCC
 Refinery Flare Load Analysis Project S-OIL Refinery
All Unit
Dynamic Simulation & SIS Application 2,196 T/hr to 1,483 T/hr BE S-Oil
 Flare Load Analysis Project
NCC/Down Dynamic Simulation & SIS Application 3,078 T/hr to 1,732 T/hr BE HPC