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Grass Root Plant
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Grass Root Plant
Project Name Plant Description Scope of Work Client / Country Completed
GS Caltex Bio-Butanol
Demo Plant Project
Bio-Butanol Bio-Butanol Demo Plant
1.5 ton/day Product Base
BE/DE GS-Caltex Korea 2015.12
Isoprene Plant Process Basic Design Project Isoprene Isoprene Plant
88,000 kg/h Feed Base
BE Lotte Chemical Korea 2014. 10
Non-Aro. Solvent Project Hexane Non-Aro Solvent Recovery
15,000 kg/h Feed Base
BE STC Korea 2013.10
C5 + Supply New Facility NCC C5 + New Facility BE Lotte Chemical Korea 2013.04
BTX C9 Upgrade Project BTX BTX Plant
10,000 kg/h Feed Base
BE STC Korea 2013.03
Light-end Tank VOC Recovery Project BTX Light-end Tank VOC Recovery BE STC Korea 2013.01
Bio-Mass Pilot Plant Project Bio-Mass Bio-Mass  Pilot Plant BE GS-Caltex Korea 2012.12
Iso-Butane Production Project MTBE DEM Extraction Facility BE YNCC Korea 2012.12
IPA Project IPA IPA Plant 50,000 MTA BE STC Korea 2012.01
Bio-Butanol Commercial Plant Butanol Bio-Butanol Demo Plant
120,000 MTA Product Base
for Cost Estimation
BE GS-Caltex Korea 2011.12
Bio-Butanol Pilot Plant Butanol Bio-Butanol Pilot Plant BE GS-Caltex Korea 2011.11
 Jet Fuel Project NCC Crude Kerosene Splitter
800,000 MTA
BE STC Korea 2008.12
 B-Project BD BD Plant 140,000 MTA BE HPC Korea 2008.09
 Catalytic Dewaxing
Unit L-Project
9,000 BPSD
BE SK Energy Indonesia 2006.05