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  EZER was founded in 2002 by the engineers who had the question why there was no technical improvement in plant engineering area in Korea. From the beginning of its history, EZER focused on the engineering capability in process basic engineering of petrochemical and refinery. EZER has been doing its best to achieve the goal of best and economic solution in plant engineering.
July 2014   Al EZER Co., Ltd was established in Saudi Arabia
February 2012   Award Letter of Appreciation from Gangnam-gu Office for Service for Encouragement of neighborliness
September 2010   Extend office buliding for business expansion
October 2009   Award Certificate of commendation from KICOX to Contribute to Organizing Green Ecological Industrial Complex
August 2008   Business Portfolio expansion into EPC
November 2006   R&D center established
August 2002   EZER was founded

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