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Client List
Client’s Comments about EZER
  • I am a real fan of the EZER rather than a client. I am confident this company is doing true meaning of the basic engineering. It should prosper to raise many talented engineers in the basic engineering field of Korea.
  • Other companies I has to lead in technical way, but EZER leads us. EZER has technical excellency and know when and to where to lead a client in the project. I was impressed with their diagnosing potential technical problems.
  • When it comes to Flare Analysis for study of existing plant capacity upgrading, EZER’s methodology and calculation is very trustworthy. Mr. Shin (EZER CEO) is one of the best expert of Flare Analysis in Korea and actually he serves as an expert committee member of Korean overpressure safety device.
  • EZER has consulted us to quickly identify problems and provide solutions that are cost-effective and easy to install.
  • EZER’s atmosphere is always open to discussion. Without any hesitation, a new employee can approach a director and lead a technical discussion. I think this kind of scene shows competency of this company